Gum Arabic

A high-quality Gum Arabic powder that can be used as the binder for making artists water-colour paints and gouache paints with our pigments. Just mix with 1 part gum arabic with 2 parts hot water to create a Gum Arabic solution to add to the pigments.

Look at our how-to guide for full instructions on how to prepare the Gum solution and how to use it to make watercolour paints.


Making your own paint means you can omit the fillers and additives often included in commercial artist paints and create a pallet of rich, vibrant colours.

Gum Arabic is made from the sap of the Acacia tree. Acacia Senegal also know as the Gum Arabic Tree, produces the highest quality grade of Gum Arabic.

The gum in the paint acts as a glaze which increases luminosity, prevents colours from lightening and stops the paint from bleeding beyond the brush stroke. It also increases working time by slowing water evaporation.


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